1. Define your Community

    2. Grow your Community

    3. Nurture your Community

    1. Your Confidence

    2. Your Mindset

    3. Your Inner Critic

    4. Perfectionism

    5. Comparison

    6. Competition

    7. Your money mindset

    8. Your Superpower

    9. Find your superpower

    10. Why your Superpower

    11. Marketing your Superpower

    12. Share your Superpower

    13. Your Why

    14. Finding your Why

    15. Burnout

    1. Reality Check

    2. Personal Practice

    3. Big Picture

    4. Gratitude

    5. Over Commitment

    6. Learning

    7. Action

    8. Step by Step

    9. Balance

    10. Offerings

    11. Research

    12. Creation

    13. Marketing

    14. Educate

    15. Scheduling

    16. Consistency

    17. Trust

    18. Repetition

    19. Deliver

    20. Persistence

    21. Expectations

    22. Patience

    23. Review

    24. Next Steps

About this course

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  • 42 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content
  • Join me on this short course as I guide you through the fundamental principles required for you to create a successful yoga career.

Become a successful yoga professional

Barbara Courtille

Senior Yoga Teacher, Mentor & Coach

I've been practicing Yoga for 25 years. It is my longest and greatest love. ​ Making Yoga my full-time career is the best thing I've done. ​ If you know that this is the life you want to create for yourself, this course is a great step towards that goal. ​
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  • Do I need to be a qualified Yoga teacher to do this course?

    Yes. This course is designed for qualified Yoga teachers who are serious about becoming yoga professionals.

  • Do I need a lot of time to do this course?

    No. This course is designed in bite size pieces. This allows you to go at your own pace. It gives you time to reflect and implement strategies as you go along.

  • What will I get out of this course?

    This course gives you a good structure to plan your yoga career. You can then proceed with confidence and awareness of the challenges ahead, and how to deal with them.

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